Four Corners Research-Archaeology in the Mesa Verde Region

Mitchell Springs Community Survey

A little more than 550 acres of The Mitchell Springs Community has been surveyed.  During the last 25 years, we have worked with adjacent land owners to gain their support for including their land in this study.  We hope to continue adding to this survey in hopes of getting a more complete picture of the lands further from the community center.  Including the Pueblo I occupation, unit pueblos of various time periods numbered over 90 and extended in all directions for more than a half mile from the main site.  As time permits, more information on this work will be posted here.

Many thanks to Eastern Illinois University and their crack group of GIS specialists for their extraordinary work helping us to map portions of the central community and several important areas on the opposite side of McElmo Creek. 
Field School 1992 Glendale Community College, Pueblo A Room 11 at the Mitchell Springs Group
Pitstructure 2 -Sector 11, This structure burned immediately after abandonment. Pottery vessels and numerous manos and metates were left in place on the floor. Artifacts in this photo were found in the space south of the wingwall.
Dave giving a tour of Mitchell Springs to a fantastic group from Arizona.